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  February 2015
Underground Racing Dominates WannaGoFast FL


Underground Racing 233.88 mph World Record Half Mile @ WannaGoFast Florida

We would like to send out a very special Thank You to Bob Helms for once again choosing Underground Racing to build him yet another monster Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera. On January 24th at WannaGoFast Florida we were able to dominate the competition and set a new record with Bob's TT Gallardo at 233.88 mph. The undisputed time to beat prior to this event was Cody's Underground Racing TT LP570 2R at 224 mph. Prior to the 224 mph run, Cody had also held the best MPH at 217 at the Houston Texas 1/2 mile. We were able to pick up nearly 10 mph from Cody's 2R best in Bob's X Series setup.

Also, we would like to thank John Reed Racing (MoTeC), Proline Racing Engines, Precision Turbo (Best turbo's on the planet) and our staff!

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After verifying the Vbox file ourselves we wanted it more official so we had the Vbox file sent in to 6speedonline to have the run verified by the member there that verifies all Vbox record runs. It came back fully verified at 234.7 mph. ;) Thanks 6speedonline for the verification!

Grants Underground Racing TT Gallardo wins 6 speed 1/2 Mile event

Thanks to Grant for letting Underground Racing turn his Lamborghini into a beast. Grant's first pass out on a warm up run in the 1/2 mile from a dead stop ran 191 mph, then he backed it up with a 207, 219 and a 221 mph pass! Great first outing in his new build especially for a manual 6 speed TT Gallardo. This Gallardo makes over 1800 whp on race gas. He also has the JRR MoTeC M1 ECU with boost by gear and traction control. Look for more videos of this TT Lambo in the near future.

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