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  October 2013


We want to congratulate Stacy Barnett for winning the classes he participated in at the Shift Sector race event last weekend in California. Until this event, I don't believe Stacy had ever even driven a Gallardo. The Underground Racing TT 2R Gallardo was delivered to California Saturday morning, and he made his first ever passes starting with a couple of 1/2 track pulls to feel the car out and made one full pass Saturday at 215 mph! That was on a lower power setting, and that was all for Saturday. On Sunday the guys started easing some more power in it for Stacy to get the feel of the higher boost levels. There was a lot of tire spinning and aborted runs, but he got one good pass in today and set a new world record at 224.99 mph in the 1/2 mile! And the car was never put on full kill! Stacy did an incredible job at the event, and his Gallardo was on street tires (Toyo R888's). ;)

Overall Trap Speed Champion and AWD Trap Speed 1st Place

For safety reasons, Stacy opted out of any roll racing for the safety of himself and other drivers, which was a good thing because on a couple of passes I hear he crossed over into another lane. Stacy will be ready for the next TI event for plenty of roll race action.

6 Speed Manual Transmission Stacy Barnett Twin Turbo Gallardo
Stacy Barnett Twin Turbo Gallardo

I also want to mention that Jorje also took delivery of his Underground Racing TT R Spyder. Because it is a Spyder with NO cage, the event staff didn't want him to go over 200 mph, so he had a ton of pulls coasting through the traps. Jorje did the right thing and took his time making solo runs as well. His car was never set to an aggressive boost level. I believe before the R Gallardo that he took delivery of this weekend, he had never been in a car making more than 600 HP, but I believe his last pass he went 205 mph. He did a great job driving his new Underground Racing Lamborghini!

Stacy Barnett 224.99mph New 1/2 mile World Record
Stacy Barnett Twin Turbo Gallardo

Finally, I want to thank all the guys for heading out to CA on last minute notice for race support for our customers, namely KC, Tim, and John Reed.

Also, thanks to the guys from Shift Sector (SS3) for the hospitality for my guys.

{UR} Kevin

Watch Youtube Video of Stacy Barnett Achieving the New World Record


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